Terms of Membership

The Membership of the Worldwide Federation for International Realestate Investors ("WFIRI") is subject to the following terms and conditions;

  • Any Company/firm/person(s) related to or is interested in the Real Estate industry; is eligible for membership of the WFIRI; may apply directly via its website or through an authorized agency only.
  • The Applicant (Individual) shall submit at least one self-attested copy of a recent address proof.
  • An Applicant (company/institution/firm/Individual) shall submit the following documents along with the above documents: A self attested photocopy of t he Certificate of Incorporation, a Board Resolutions taking the authorization of representation, a self-attested photocopy of the PAN card.
  • The applicant along with the application form shall donate a minimum amount of Rs. 100 /- (Rupees hundred only) through cheque/cash, if applied via authorized Agency. Against the formalities of membership documentation/process.
  • The WFIRI may reject or cancel any application form on the grounds of any error in form filling, without explaining ground(s) of rejection and the Applicant shall have to re-apply for the same without paying any donation fee quoting the initial reference number of the Application form, within 30 days of WFIRI notification on the website, quoting the initial application number. The fresh applicable. will be considered only once after expiry of 30 days with fresh submission of donation amount of Rs. 100, where applicable.
  • The Donation is non- refundable in case of rejection or cancellation of the application form, by the WFIRI.
  • The Applicant shall receive an acknowledgment receipt comprises ofapplication number and on approval of the membership, the Applicantwill be provided by a unique Membership Number.
  • The Member may record the grievances/complaints other parties either directly to WFIRI via its website or corresponding cell via telephone/e-mail or by personal appearance.
  • All the specialized/third party services will be chargeable separately by the associate bodies for the purpose specific and the WFIRI shall not be responsible for outcome/result.
  • The Member shall be under an obligation: to adhere the provisions of rules and corresponding authorities, determined by the WFIRI from time to time; to disclose all the facts and information truthfully; to make payments for the services received by him/her when utilizing the WFIRI as a platform as per terms and condition determined by the respective cells, handling the services and in no way will the WFIRI will be responsible for services rendered by respective cells.
  • The WFIRI has reserved all the rights to use and store all data and all the information furnished, to be used for the internal purposes only, except and otherwise for statutory reasons.
  • In case of dispute with another member or with one of the WFIRI entities/cell, the Member shall undertake to declare his/her complaint to the WFIRI authority or designated cell first, before taking othe r resources.
  • The Applicant hereby agrees; and shall be liable for any damages resulting from any violation of these terms and conditions. The Applicant further agrees to indemnify WWFIEREI, from any claim or demand including but not limited to attorneys' fees, applicable taxes and charges, expenses incurred by the respective cells or third party, any breach of representation made by the Member, violation of any law or the rights of a third party (including any right to publicity, right t o p r i v a c y , intellectual property right, or any other proprietary right or confidentiality) that occurs in connection with the use of the services by the Member.
  • The WFIRI reserves the right to modify, amend and update the terms at any given time; which shall be reflected on WFIRI's website.
  • These terms and conditions shall be construed and controlled by theapplicable Indian laws and by the courts of New Delhi.