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Aims & Objectives

  • Promoting a cordial relationship between various Global Real Estate Developers and Worldwide Investors
  • Helping encourage the global Real Estate Investor Community and other Worldwide Associations & Bodies on sustainable investments to shower good living while they invest globally
  • Creating a Forum for networking and sharing ideas, information & experiences in order to promote secure and fruitful Real Estate Investment Options, Possibilities and Opportunities with better returns on Investment
  • Focusing on producing educational events, investment & Real Estate exhibitions, socials and forums for the benefit of all investors, entrepreneurs and fiduciaries
  • Creating & organizing Conferences, Seminars and Workshops to hear national and international alternative investment experts including top developers, Industry experts, successful fund managers and large asset allocators & investors discuss the best practices and current market trends for emerging and growing Real Estate Investment Options
  • Organizing Educational Events and Topics focusing on each investor or fiduciary when making an investment decision including asset allocation, risk management portfolio strategies, insurance, global trends and alternative investment vehicles such as hedge funds, Real Estate funds and private equity partnerships
  • Recognizing and appreciating the contribution and achievements of Global Real Estate Industry Professionals, Companies, Organizations, Bodies and Departments; facilitating its members across the world to invest in Global Real Estate Market and evaluating and extending safe and trustworthy investment options
  • Evaluating and analyzing various Real Estate Developers and their Projects across the world on the basis of predefined guidelines of the Trust and identifying which alternative of Investments or Real Estate Projects present better opportunities and how investors can best access and capitalize on these opportunities and extend these to its members
  • Publishing books, newspapers, journals or other kinds of study and promotional materials for international investors and to run Literacy Education for strengthening the weaker financial advisors in each sector
  • Helping the development ofintellectual abilities and economic & social conditions of the poor minorities and other weaker sections of the society at large

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Worldwide Project Management
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